21st Century– Nano Life!

Our world got transformed into a marvelous technological sphere in which everyday is a miracle. One of these wonders is the spectacular discovery of the nano particles which paved the path to the invention of splendid gadgets, tools, medicines and a lot more!

So lets dig into and get to know what actually Nano technology is ?

What is NanoTechnology?

Nanotechnology is the term used to cover the design, construction and utilization of functional structures with at least one characteristic dimension measured in nanometres.Such materials and systems can be designed to exhibit novel and significantly improved physical, chemical and biological properties, phenomena and processes as a result of the limited size of their constituent particles or molecules.

The reason for such interesting and very useful behavior is that when characteristic structural features are intermediate in extent between isolated atoms and bulk macroscopic materials; i.e., in the range of about 10 power 9m to 10 power 7 m (1 to 100 nm), the objects may display physical attributes substantially different from those displayed by either atoms or bulk materials. Ultimately this can lead to new technological opportunities as well as new challenges.

Norio Taniguchi, a Japanese professor, coined the term “nanotechnology” in 1974. Over thirty years later, it is still not entirely clear what nanotechnology is.The National Nanotechnology Initiative, founded by the Clinton Administration in 2000, defines nanotechnology as the “understanding and control of matter” on the nanoscale.Nanotechnology encompasses biology, chemistry, material science, physics, and engineering working at the nanolevel.Creating materials on the atomic level is nanotechnology.   Altering molecules is also nanotechnology.

At the nanoscale, materials do not behave according to their bulk material properties.  There is not that much known about the properties of materials at this level which is why so much research is necessary.Nanotechnology is being used to develop nanomaterials that have uses in numerous fields, from electronics to structural engineering to medicine.

The uses of nanotechnology in medicine are in a wide range from very optimistic to providing changes in medicine now.  In medicine, nanotechnology is being researched in the hope that nanobots, robots on the nanoscale, could be used to repair cell damage.Nanotechnology could be used to target the delivery of medicine in cancer patients using nanoparticles which would entirely eliminate the need to use chemotherapy.At the University of Central Florida, a nanoparticle has been developed that can be used as a sensor for cholera in water supplies.  This nanoparticle can also be used to treat cholera.Currently, the only treatment for cholera is to rehydrate a patient, preferably, intravenously.

In order for nanotechnology to advance, scientists and engineers from different fields must work together to make new discoveries.  One such overlap is in the development of nano-thermal transport.  As electronic devices get smaller, the heat density of devices increases dramatically.  In order to remove the heat from devices, nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes, are being developed by engineers and scientists working together.

Nanotechnology is a buzzword in our culture, but it is much more.  Nanotechnology has been affecting technology that we use on a daily basis for years.  And it will continue to affect items we use for years to come.  From the tires on our cars, to the cell phone in our pocket, to the sunscreen we use, to the materials household goods are manufactured out of, nanotechnology affects us in almost unlimited ways and is all around us.  Parts of these items have all been engineered in some way on the nanoscale to improve them for our use.


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