Au nanoparticles can destroy cancer cells!

Cancer is one of the biggest killer diseases and with our sedentary lifestyles the figures have reached alarming proportions. In order to cure this disease, researchers have found out that gold nanoparticles could be used in the treatment of this disease. It has been found out that gold nanoparticles stick to cancer cells and makes them shine. What makes them effective in treatment is because of certain properties such as photostable, strong absorbers, easy conjugation to antibodies and nontoxic. Up till now a number of cancer cells killing mechanism were proposed but one of the methods which has become the cynosure of discussion is the formation of bubble around the overheated gold particles in a liquid environment and this has been found out to be more effective in killing cancer cells and also quite safe for tissues too. Besides this, in case of environments which don’t have enough liquid for generation of bubble like dense solid tumor or bones, cell walls could be melted by hot gold nanoparticles which would lead to destruction of cell by gold nanoclusters. It seems that nanotechnology would wipe out this killer disease from the whole world.



    1. Yes! I am pretty confident! And the research is still going on these topics! I hope you might have read about nanobots which are used to target the specified cancer cell and destroy it!

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