Go vroom with nanotech powered motorcycle

For all those speed freaks who want to live life in the fast lane, here is a nanotechnology battery powered motorcycle which can reach 0 to 60 mph in just under 1.5 seconds.

This is KillaCycle which regarded as the quickest electric motorcycle in the world and this time it created a speed record with the help of lithium-ion batteries developed using highly active nanoscale materials.

Bill Dube, Designer, Builder and Owner of The KillaCycle had to say something on the nanotechnology propelled bike: We continue to be thrilled with the superior performance of these cells, which we first started using last year.

The improvements we’ve made to the bike in the past three months paid off and we improved our time by over 0.6 seconds, a huge performance increase in such a short time.

With these batteries, we know that we will be able to continue to improve our performance and establish new records. These lithium ion batteries created using nanophosphate cells offer enhanced performance, life and safety. With KillaCycle nanotechnology has proved that how batteries could enable automotive applications to experience a higher level of battery performance.


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