Importance of Nanoscale!

The following are the  worthwhile reasons why nanoscale has become very significant and important:

  • The quantum mechanical properties of the particles at the nanoscale influence a lot on the physical properties of the particles.By nanoscale design of the materials it is possible to vary micro and macroscopic properties such as charge capacity, magnetization, melting temperature without changing their chemical composition.
  • Creation of new improved products.
  • Availability of stronger, tougher and lighter materials for construction and engineering.
  • Nanoscale components have high surface area to volume ratio making them idle for the use in composite materials, drug delivery and chemical storage.
  • Cleaner drinking water due to the creation of filters that can entrap organisms and toxins.
  • Cleaner environment by removal of pollutants from the environment.
  • Sophisticated health treatment by using the nano particles in the drug delivery.
  • Cheaper and cleaner energy.
  • Nanophase ceramics which are very ductile a elevated temperatures as compared to the normal ones.
  • Nanostructured semiconductors are used as window layers in solar cells.
  • Nanosized metallic powders have been used for the production of the gas tight materials and porous coatings.
  • Nanostructured metal clusters and colloids are used  in the special catalytic applications.
  • Nanostructured metal oxide films are used even as the gas sensors.
  • Nanostructured metal oxide finds applications in rechargeable batteries for cars and consumer goods.

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