Improved implant devices possible with nanotechnology

Implants can help in curing a lot of pain in the human body and now researchers are turning to use nanotechnology for making joint, bone and tooth implants as good as nature. They have figured out that the response of host organisms to nanomaterials is different as compared to conventional materials.Though nanomedical implants are still in the beginning stages it has a lot of strength for coming up with improved implants.

Scientists have developed a consensus on this issue and they state that nanostructured implant materials have an advantage over the traditional methods. Dr. Thomas J. Webster stated: We continuously are finding more and more positive attributes of using nanomaterials as improved orthopedic implants.

Our results point to the idea that no matter what material chemistry one is interested in (metals, ceramics, polymers, composites), increased bone formation can be achieved by nanostructuring these materials.

This can be done by using a number of manufacturing techniques including by using nanoparticles themselves, e-beam evaporation, chemical etching, or lithography.

In some cases, we see a three to five times faster regeneration of bone on materials of the same chemistry but with nano compared to micron grain sizes. Probably medical implants would become easier now since nanotechnology is out there.

Via nanowerk


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