Setting proxy for Git on mac!

Let me tell you first that i really hate proxy settings and stuff! It is seriously a big headache! But it is necessary in all the times, customarily it will be very handy at schools and workplaces! So lets see how to set the proxy for git on unix machine [Mac].

Step1:Open your terminal.

Step2: Type the command  git config –global http.proxy [your proxy website or the ip address]

         For example: git config –global http.proxy

Step3: You can now check what are the settings configured in the gitconfig by executing the following command

Zerocools-MacBook:~ pamusriharsha$  git config –list

For example: It would be something as this

That’s it here we go. Your proxy settings for your git is successfully completed! 😀

Have fun! 🙂 😀



  1. I’m doing this, and work:
    git config –global –add http.proxy [proxy-value]

    to delete proxy:
    git config –global –unset http.proxy

    to check:
    git config –global –list

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