Deletion of /var directory on MacOSX

Hi Mac Users,

If you are here i assume that you have done something disastrous by accidentally deleting the /var folder on MacOSX.

When you delete the /var directory you may come across with many problems.When you delete the /var folder , these are following symptoms which you can observe:

  • Many applications doesn’t work properly. They hesitate to open.
  • Terminal gets disabled and only the web browsers work for sometime.
  • Copy Paste gets disabled and you will be getting an 8003 error.
  • Cannot compress the files or folders.Some files may get compressed by luck.
  • Time Machine also gets restricted and restricts us from taking the backup.
  • If you turn off the system, it doesn’t boot up.
  • If you make your mac into sleep mode it doesn’t come out of sleep mode.
  • The recovery software also doesn’t work and you cannot install new applications too.

This is a very serious issue and the only solution to recover the /var folder is to reinstall the Mac OS X software. If you have any important files to be copied, you need to find other system with bluetooth to transfer your data. Because the only application which is perfectly working on the mac is blue tooth at this pivotal stage.

When you restart your mac, Your Mac stops responding during startup. After any of these situations, you Mac refuses to start and you can’t access any of the data stored on your hard drive.

The possible reason of this behavior is the deletion of “etc” and “var” directories. These directories appear when you start your Mac and they should not be removed for proper working of your system.

Var– This is the system directory which stores variables and library files produced by the Mac operating system to control the processes. It also stores a fair bit of the configuration information.

After deletion of these directories, Mac operating system won’t be able to retrieve the required files to start the operating system and will refuse to boot up.


To work around this issue, you need to install a fresh copy of both these directories which is possible by formatting the drive and reinstalling the operating system.

Though this method solves the issue and it won’t occur in future but also wipes the data stored on the hard drive and leads to the possible data loss problems. During formatting of the hard drive, all of the data stored on it will be removed.

Happy recovery!



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