ChocoChip Cold Coffee!

Its winter now and some of the most romantic people would love to enjoy some cold drinks in such a gorgeous weather. And here  I present my personal favorite which makes everyone say YUMMMMM!! 

Lets move on and prepare the chocochip cold coffee.


500ml. Cold Milk.

1tbsp or 2tbsp ChocolateSauce*

4 or 5 Choco chips

4tbsp Powdered Sugar

2tbsp Coffee Powder

Preparation Time: 20 minutes


1.Take a bowl and add 2 table spoons of coffee powder. Add powdered sugar and mix them.

2.Add a spoon of cold milk to the mixture and make fine paste.

3.Add a table spoon of chocolate sauce or melted chocolate to the mixture.

4.Add cold milk to the bowl.Mix it well .

5.Add some crushed choco chips to the milk. Then pour the mixed milk to a shaker.

6.Shake it well till the froth comes!

7. Add some more ice cubes if you like!

You can even add some dry fruits, wafers as toppings. You can even have it with ice cream if you love 🙂

*I used hersheys chocolate sauce.


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