What do you mean by a Hacker?

Hello pals,

Many people have this misconception that Hacker is someone who exploits the computers and steal the sensitive data or information to use it in an illegal way.

I would like to dedicate this blog post to all those people who are in this fallacy.

One thing I would like to convey before I reveal the perfect or the cyber approved elucidation of “HACKER” is that “the person who exploits the computer for fantasy and steals the critical information to use them in an illicit way  is called as a CRACKER“.

Hence I can conclude that  “HACKING != CRACKING” or “HACKER is not a CRACKER”. This is one of the most important principle which should be known by each and every person who is in the field of Computers and Programming. 

Lets jump over and find out what is the perfect definition of a Hacker in this cyber world:

A Hacker is a passionate, skilled and creative technologist who thrives on building innovative solutions to real world problems.


Now Lets dig into the answer for “What is a Hack”?

An innovative solution to a real world problem, a quick and dirty workaround, yet effective.

Finally, “What is Hacking”?

Scratching your own itch is nothing but called as Hacking.

Every good work of a software starts by scratching a developers personal itch 😛 😉


Hope by now, people who have read this blog post might got some good knowledge about Hacker,Hacking and Cracking! 🙂


Picture Credits: Yahoo! Developer Research



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