How to uninstall Xcode from Mac OS X

Hola Mac Users,

Some or the other day would come when you need to uninstall the Xcode (downloaded from a torrent but not legally from the App Store) to Install a new version of Xcode from the App Store. Because the Xcode which you have downloaded from the torrents may not allow you to update the software to the newer version.

I am writing this particular blog post because I faced the same problem today. I updated my OS from SnowLeopard(Mac OSX 10.6.8) to Mountain Lion(10.8.2) recently. All the applications like iLife, iWork,Aperture,iTunes ..etc got updated to the higher and newer versions but i couldn’t update my Xcode to 4.5 version. It gave me warnings that the Xcode which I was using previously (4.0.3) is not compatible with Mountain Lion. So I had to remove or uninstall the entire Xcode from the machine to reinstall the newer version.

Uninstalling the Xcode from your machine just needs a single line execution on Terminal.

The following is the piece of line which you need to run on your terminal.

$ sudo <Xcode>/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all

This command will remove the entire files of the Xcode on your machine :)

Here are some of the screenshots which have been grabbed while uninstalling the Xcode.


And you are finally done with your uninstallation. You can restart your system to clear the caches :)

Do download Xcode from App Store as it is Free. Its 1.61 GB in size. 

Have Fun :)

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