4 days to go for my GRE Examination!

Hello everyone, though it is not at all appropriate for me to blog, I am writing it because I am trying to keep my senses more active as I am sleepy and I need to complete at least two important wordlists from Barrons.

There are only four more days to go for my Graduate Record Examination(GRE) and I am burning mid night oil almost everyday, solving practice sets of kaplan and mugging up the words.Until today, I have completed quantitative reasoning which includes general high school mathematics and little bit of vocabulary,though I am left with some crucial part of vocabulary to complete.I have been avidly studying from October first as soon I was done with my Google Summer Internship program GSOC.But, as of now I have been following a brilliant plan prepared by the Magoosh blog for 7 day preparation for GRE exam. As an indian, I am still lagging behind in the vocabulary which is very key for scoring high scores as above 320 in the exam. I have more 7 alphabets to complete in the vocab.

So, in order to accomplish something unsurmountable I have to abstain sleep and study for the exam. You might be wondering how one can stay awake all the night and study. Here is the magic, I follow some simple techniques to make burning the mid night oil easier. My amicable partner in helping me is Wrigley’s orbit. You read it right, it’s the sugarfree chewing gum which I chew all the night. This helps me stay awake. Even I drink lots of cold water to be hydrated so that I don’t doze off. And splashing some cold water on my face always helps if you are too sleepy. Today I have set a target to complete all the words with alphabet “R” and “S”. So I am on this sleepless journey carrying hopes and dreams to surpass 320 mark in GRE which really makes my life more awesome.

Bye for now, because I am active now and got boosted with energy to memorize some words! 🙂 


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