Excitement didn’t last long!

Looking at the title you might be thinking what is this all about. Let me describe you a sweet story, exactly 5 days back, the world’s most costliest and the colossal company who won several hearts of the customers all over the world with their jaw dropping innovative products has launched an Operating System. Yes, I am speaking  about the mighty Apple.inc and it’s recent launch of OSX Mavericks. The demo at the conference was brilliant, they announced the OS upgrade as free, they made it available on AppStore for the upgrade on the same day itself. Isn’t that cool? Yes, it was an awesome announcement for everyone who is an Apple Fan, and who owns a Mac.They can’t wait to rush to their home to upgrade this sweet OS to explore it.

Mavericks Installation Gruesome

But guess what! The excitement didn’t last long. People were unable to upgrade it properly, they faced many problems downloading it.Some people got stuck with the installation in the mid way and are going mad thinking of the situation because it’s all about the important data they are mostly worried about which is on their drives on their computers. As an apple fan boy, even I was very excited to install the new OS. I installed it successfully. It was a very huge update when compared to the Mountain Lion. It was about 5.29 GB and after downloading the operating system, it took around one more hour to install the OS and boot with the exciting OS. I was very happy having it installed.The OS was looking seraphic. It was smooth and quick,the Safari got even more better than ever.The Maps was awesome, Calendar was looking great.

I opened the AppStore,downloaded the iBooks, it was one sweet application. I downloaded many books and the iCloud sync was excellent and all the books were on my iPad mini on the very next second. I was enjoying every moment after the update and was eagerly waiting for the iWork and iLife updates. During this stint, I clicked on the Dictionary app… to my surprise, it didn’t open.I tried to open it again, BAM.. it didn’t open. It just bounced once, flashed and stopped. In trepidation, I tried to open the other applications like Calendar,Reminders,Messages,Maps,iBooks,Terminal,FaceTime which were not responding like the Dictionary app. To my biggest surprise, even the AppStore was not getting opened up. I thought I was doomed. Safari, iTunes, Notes, Preview and Activity Monitor were working properly.

Immediately, I tried to open up other applications. All the other third party applications were working fine except some of the native applications.I googled the problem as “Applications are not working on Mac“. I was guided to a the Apple Support Community where many people share their problems and the fellow users post the solutions to the problems. It’s a very social and amiable community. I saw a post “Most of the applications fail to launch (specifically after the Mavericks update)“by a person named SoapiestHeart35 ” https://discussions.apple.com/message/23514638#23514638  ” There was a hell lot of discussion on this thread.But no one couldn’t solve this problem yet.I was one of the active user on this thread(I go by name ShellZero)

Today, even Preview was not working. One of the Mac user approached the Apple Store with this problem and they gave a solution which solved the problem but the problem persisted again after few hours. The solution was “They recommended a re-install of the OS. You can do this by holding down option as soon as you boot up your Mac. This should open up the bootloader. There’s a recovery partition next to the main startup disk. If you select this partition you’ll see the option to re-install Mavericks.Oh, and most importantly: it is not an actual clean re-install. Your files and programs will still be on your Mac.

Few hours later, the same guy posted “Never mind. The apps worked fine for a little while, but now they’re not launching anymore. It’s just weird that initially they do work and after a while they don’t.“I didn’t try this yet, but I am going to try out my luck.

Finally, I request Apple to please fix the issue and send us an update which can be directly downloaded and installed as we are not even able to open the AppStore through which the downloads usually happen. Because, here we are talking about a immense loss of personal data(photos and videos) and secure data(work stuff).

Hope the Apple Developers fix it as soon as possible.



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