Mavericks re-installation using recovery disk

As mentioned earlier, Mac users are facing several problems after their installation of mavericks. The major problem was the
native Mac applications fail to respond or launch. One of the user who has approached the apple Genius Bar insinuated that this problem can be solved by simply re-installing the mavericks using the recovery option in the boot loader rather than doing a clean install. Later, he again noticed us that the problem still persists after couple of hours from the re-installation.

But I am going to try my luck and review it for readers.Here’s what you need to do.

1. Make sure you have enough space on your disk. It’s very important,because the installation may suspend in midway if you don’t have enough space for installation.

2. Though it is affirmed that the files don’t get deleted as it is just a reinstall action.For precautionary measures, make sure you take backup of your most important files.

3. The installation needs the internet connectivity as you have to authorize the installation with your AppStore ID and password.

4. Finally, it’s always recommended to connect your Mac to a power source during the installation.

Okay, now we are ready to proceed with all these prerequisites.

1. Shut down your Mac, and switch it on.

2. Hold the option key as soon as you hear the startup tone.

3. It displays two disks such as “Macintosh HD” and “Recovery disk” on the boot loader screen.

4. Select the recovery disk and press return.

5. The Mac boots up with the recovery disk and displays you with the installation screen.

6. Click continue, and then click agree on the terms and conditions page.

7. At this point you will be asked to enter your AppStore id and password for authorization.

8. Enter the credentials and click on continue.

9.There you go, the installation starts.

After the installation, the Mac restarts automatically and hope all the applications work properly.


Here are some of the screen shots which I have taken during the installation.

Boot loader screen

    Boot loader screen

Re-installation Options

Re-installation Options


Screen 1

License Agreement

License Agreement

User Credentials

User Credentials

Installation screen

Installation screen




Good luck with the installation 🙂



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