Whatsapp on Mac? on PC ? I seriously think its a spam!

Okay fellow bloggers and awesome readers, here’s an another interesting post on social media technology. Now a days, most of the people are able to afford a smart phone [Thanks to the Indian and Chinese companies], an awesome gadget through which we can communicate with people round the clock.

Okay! But I don’t have a smart phone. Trust me. I don’t have one. I am still waiting for that day when I could afford to buy a latest iPhone. Though I have iPad’ssss I still didn’t buy an iPhone because I don’t think iPhone is suitable for this hot tropical climate . People do think that it’s a stupid reason, but yes its my own decision and my goddamn money. One thing was bothering me from many years “Whatsapp on iPad“!! I have a simple single question to the developers of Whatsapp, Why the hell you haven’t launched Whatsapp for Tablets?? There are many apps like Viber, BBM, Wechat, Line and so on which runs on  iPad and the other tablets. But this one app has been on my nerves from past many years! My friends, colleagues every damn person who owns even a symbian phone is on whatsapp,(thanks to the cross platform application support) except me. I am on every other damn app where people hardly respond, they keep on saying “ping me on whatsapp dude”! There was a whole new world out there within that application with hell lot of friends having awesome conversations and fun. I was missing out all that fun.damn it!

I used to encounter with several messages which says Whatsapp on Mac or PC! I was always like, Are you kidding me? It should be spam and some crap. But its not, it was for REAL. I got to know that there are some apps which are the Android simulators works both on windows & mac where we can install whatsapp and have fun. Though it is from a computer, it is fun. Okay, I downloaded this awesome software called “Blue Stacks” and boom I installed Whatsapp on it and see who’s there on Whatsapp now having fun with their pals- Its me!  HELL YEAH- I AM ON WHATSAPP NOW! 

Okay let me tell you, this application to run on your machine needs some good RAM or else it takes years to load.

1. Download the application from the link.

2. Install it by just clicking next next next. The conventional installation steps!

3. Run the application.

4. Be patient! On some machines, it may take several minutes to load. But generally this happens for the first load, but later it does start very quickly.

5. You will find some of the apps like Facebook, Twitter installed on the blue stacks.

6.  Click on the search icon and search for “whatsapp”. Just click on Install and there you go.

7. Follow the simple steps required by the whatsapp, and done, you have your app running on your mac or pc.

To add your contacts, you need to click on the menu button and add a new contact manually as you have no access to the contacts of your pc or mac. Need to add each contact manually – tedious process!


Startup Screen


App Screen with whatsapp

The buttons on the bottom footer are Back button, Menu button, Home button, Full Screen button and the Settings button [Left to right]

Lovely isn’t it?

PS: Initially, blue stacks was said to work only on Mac Lion OSX but its perfectly working on Mavericks on which I am using now. My experiment worked. Eureka!

I would like to really appreciate the awesome work of the developers at Blue stacks for releasing this amazing piece of software and giving it out for FREE! YOU PEOPLE ROCK! #HATSOFF

Have fun pals. Stay Awesome 🙂



  1. Bluestacks is best tool for andriod experience on computer .
    Bluestacks is laso best tool for Tv with ( game pop ) app for Tv .
    graphics of bluestacks is good , it look like real game fun .

  2. I enjoyed playing Candy Crush Saga game on computer.
    this made possible by BLUESTACKS .good tool for andriod fun .

    1. Yes you need to download .dmg file. There are some of the .dmg files on softonic.com but the bluestacks.com has taken down the mac version from their official website. I think there are some problems with the bluestacks on mac lately. Try downloading and installing it from the above link and if it doesn’t work, you need to wait until the official site updates the link for the new version of bluestacks for mac.

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