ONE – Movie Review!

This is an entirely unrelated post with respect to my earlier posts because for the very first time I am making an attempt to write a movie review. Guess what its a telugu movie – “1- Nenokkadine“.

This movie stars Mahesh Babu and Kriti Sanon. I would simply say : This movie is an absolute “stunner“.


The “One” is a very deep and dark film that is filled with brilliant cinematography, immaculate editing, top notch performances, incredible action and pretty much the best film I have ever seen in tollywood. Right from the beginning I have noticed that the editing was so tense, Its a film that takes its time with its shots. Its a kind of movie in which each and every scene is very meticulously crafted. So many movies now a days are like “just we gotta open with a big fight scene or something showing cockamamie scenes to blow the audience minds and grab their attention”. But NO, the best way to keep audience attentive is subtlety which this movie has, opening with a very quiet scene.

This is the kind of movie where you need to reach forward in your seat, watching the screen and thinking oh my god, I have to hear every word coming out of this character because you are so riveted by the screen play and you really feel as if you are watching real people, middle of a real situation, because when they are talking, I noticed that I was gripping my fists and I had to loosen up because this is such a tense film that just kept me on the edge of my seat through out the entire movie. Its a film that from shot to shot is consistently riveting and not just because it looks incredible but the performances in this movie are absolutely terrific. This is probably the best performance I have ever seen from the super star Mahesh and he is absolutely magnificent in this movie. He is very stern and he is very particular about his one desire to know what was his past and who were his parents. But, he is not like a Mr. Nice guy in the movie who finds out who killed their parents, take revenge, blah blah.. NO! He is a messed up individual himself, thats one of the great themes about this movie. Everyone thinks he is suffering from psychological disorder and he is just imagining things in air.

One of things I loved about this film is that various themes have been weaved throughout the movie such as revenge, love, emotional drama. The central story, the quest to find out his past isn’t terribly original. But its the way the story is told, acted, filmed, written which is so different and original. And thats one of the things I truly loved about this movie, the theme’s behind it, the things you can take from it.

Like I said earlier Mahesh is really good in this movie. Mahesh was so vulnerable, I felt that through him how the vulnerability is portrayed through his character. It came out in the best way in several scenes and I absolutely adore his performance. Kriti Sanon was very gorgeous and good in the movie and made a great contribution to the movie with her role. I am not a huge fan of Mahesh babu because of his dance I guess, but here, in this movie he was just right and fantastic. As a character he was so interesting, I really felt through him, the turmoil and pain he was dealing with and tries to solve his mystery trying to figure out whats his past. And he did such an excellent job in portraying that character, I really thought he was just amazing.

Everyone in this film just gave a very heighten level of drama to the performances that continuously from scene to scene, I wasn’t bored by the two hour fifty minute runtime. The director of this movie Sukumar, he absolutely knows when to go for a wild shot and when to pull in. The shots are lovely, they are composed so well and are cut to perfection. I mean this movie was edited so well, that I kept thinking in this movie that they would do some stupid thing by making some mess, but no they didnt give me any chance. After 10 min I was like this movie looks, sounds, feels incredible for the rest of the runtime and it sure did. Sukumar, you man, you are the best movie director working today. And one more great thing about this movie is that the movie flows and builds perfectly and you feel like the drama is continuously building. This movie has consistently building tension and I should say the twists are mind boggling. I was so invested in the movie that I could not take my eyes off the screen. I adored this movie. It has what I think is a perfect conclusion.

The concept of the movie was very good. Songs are beautiful. Background score was fantastic. Screenplay was outstanding.  As stated by every fan of Mahesh babu, “It is really a hollywood level movie with such classy, elegant script and actors.”

It is one of the best dramas I have ever seen in years in tollywood. This movie absolutely deserves amazing recognition. Guys listen to me, I order you to go and watch this movie.

Special thanks to one of the greatest fans of Mahesh Babu I have ever known, MR. NIDHIN RAJA who posted several posts on his wall about the movie, which made me watch this brilliant film 🙂 Cheers.


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