3 months

Time flies faster than anything. Its been three months since I have done anything productive. I have been working on my applications for admissions for graduate schools in USA. I finally ended up completing all these applications by mid February. I experienced several new things and people during this process. And during this period, sister’s accident was a tragic incident. Unable to work properly, unable to focus on the goals, scared about the admission results, obesity problems.. So many ephemeral thoughts and unanswered questions. I am suffering from Insomnia and I am unable to sleep properly which is in turn making me weak during the day and making me un fit to concentrate on something I love. I became a nocturnal like an owl. Every day I sit down and think that I have to put an end to this by executing the following tasks: wake up early in the morning, go on a bike ride, do some exercise, have a cup of coffee, read something, learn new technologies, work on new projects, carry out some research on my current PathSBML project, write blog, learn new languages and many more. But nothing is working out and its been very difficult to get inured to such a plan or routine. Even now while writing the post, I am feeling sad that I have done nothing but wasting time these three months. I am questioning myself what have I done? and what am I doing?

Finally, I slowly started learning spanish from past four days, its been a good experience till now and an interesting language. I am hoping this learning will eventually turn my sluggish brain to an active one and make me do more productive things.

End of personal thoughts Scene 1 😛


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