How to install .run files on linux

In general, when you download an installer file, it might be a .exe or .deb file. But there are several cases where the installer file has a .run extension. How do you execute such file and run the installer program in order to make your work done?

Let me give you a scenario, The PostgreSQL Linux downloads page contains a section on “Graphical installer” built by EnterpriseDB. When you download this file. You get file. We can execute this file through terminal.

Press Ctrl + Alt + T to open the terminal.

Go to the directory where the file is downloaded. Lets say Downloads by running the command shellzero@shellzero-Inspiron-535s:~$ cd Downloads/

you should be at location : shellzero@shellzero-Inspiron-535s:~/Downloads$

Now give the permissions by executing:   shellzero@shellzero-Inspiron-535s:~/Downloads$chmod +x

Now run  shellzero@shellzero-Inspiron-535s:~/Downloads$ ./

It might flash an error dialog box if there are no enough permissions:

Screenshot from 2014-04-03 09:40:30

At this point: you might have to become superuser by using sudo.

Now execute the following command :  shellzero@shellzero-Inspiron-535s:~/Downloads$ sudo ./

It prompts for the admin password. please type that and there you go. Your installer window starts up.





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