IRC.. Blog… Learning and Programming in R…. Tweeting…. simultaneously! – Nerd Life


Tonight I am doing something very crazy which I haven’t done since very long time. The title of the blogpost says it all. But yes, I want to make it a habit now. Though I don’t have a beer in my hand right now like Mark did when he was coding, I do have chilled H2O to cheer me up.

Lets get started. I have been going through the courses on codeschool . There are plenty of uber cool courses on it. But many are paid. Some are free and they do let you to download some of their screencasts which is pretty amazing. There are some courses on drive, how to use the drive api for the application development and today I was encountered with the R language tutorials which were sponsored by O’Reilly [hence they are free].

I started with R now. I am going through baby steps right now in R. Learning how to evaluate expressions and logical values in R 😀

More to come!




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