Nuts and Bolts of R Language!


  • Basic arithmetic is the same. 1+1 = 2 | 5*6 = 30  and so on
  • Printing a string is just typing in  “Hello, World!”.
  • T and F are short hand for True and False simultaneously. i.e., T == True and F == False
  • To store a value in a variable. You do this : x <- 35
  • You can reassign any value to a variable any time. You can assign a string like this: x <- “Hello DataScience! R lang is awesome”
  • printing the value of x is simple.. Just type x and hit return! That will do the magic.It should print 35 as we assigned it earlier
  • you can assign logical values to the variables too.. Do this: x <- T or x <- True
  • You have a sweet function called sum to add up numbers.. like this sum(2,3,4) gives you 9 as output
  • To repeat a string or a number you can use “rep” function like this rep(“Bonjour”, times = 3)
  • Like everywhere.. there is a function called sqrt to find the square root. sqrt(16) gives 4
  • help(functionname) gives you the function’s documentation and syntax. For ex: help(sum) gives all the details of the function
  • example(functionname) gives you the usage of the function and what arguments are valid for the function
  • One can write the script in a file and can save it with .R extension for later usage and execution
  • list.files() gives you the list of files in the current directory
  • To run a script. We need to use source function and the argument is the file name. like: source(hello.R)

Hmm. That ends the basics of R Language. You’ve learned how to create and access variables, and how to call functions. You’ve learned how to run pre-made scripts. And you’ve learned how to access R’s help functionality when you need it.




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