The first two weeks in Chicago

I had great dreams to do my graduate studies in Computer Science from a top-notch university, but I failed to get into them because I was from a non-CS background and couldn’t meet the prerequisites for the programs. I ended up at Illinois Institute of Technology which is a reasonable school. The school has good infrastructure, a huge library and very good professors. Like every school, most of the graduate students are from China and India. On the orientation, the career management center of IIT has showcased several statistics of the recruitment from the past couple of years. The statistics were quite impressive and the students have been hired by pretty big companies in the industry. The courses I took were all related to algorithms, I took Introduction to Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining. All were very interesting courses and the professors who taught these courses are so wise and adept. The classes were good. That’s all about the courses and study related stuff.

Coming to the life besides the courses! Almost all Indians stay off-campus in groups of five or six to minimize the living expenses but thanks to my dad, he invested a lot of money on me to lead a rich and safe life by allowing me to stay in the on-campus dorms. I have two good friends who came with me to the same school. One of them is my bestie who lives off campus and the other is a good friend of mine who lives on-campus in the same apartment where I live. I did think that I have one on-campus Indian friend with me on whom I can count on but things aren’t going well. Anyways, coming back to my life, I live with two Koreans and an American. These guys are so awesome and geeky. They go out either to get food/groceries or to attend the classes and they always study staying in the room which really makes a great study environment for me. I am really having a great time when these guys are around me, we make fun of each other, we cook great food and share them among us and we often discuss some interesting topics. My roommates call me a baby and a kid as I am very younger to them and I don’t drink 😛 We do call each other crazy people 😀

Actually, I started off writing this post to share about my loneliness, but I just realized that I am not lonely at all and I am surrounded by uber cool passionate geeks who are working hard to make their bright future like me. I think this is going to be my home for the rest of the two years. I will definitely work hard and make it a memorable one.

I would like to end this post by quoting Socrates, one of the greatest philosopher of all time:

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people”.




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