Removing Windows from Mac using Boot Camp


This is a short post demonstrating the complete removal of windows from Mac which has been installed using Boot Camp native application. Once you remove Windows, the bootcamp automatically restores the space and reverts it to a single OS X partition like before.

Step 1: Open the bootcamp application by navigating to Applications -> Utilities -> Boot Camp Assistant.

Boot Camp Assistant

Step 2:  Click on Continue

Screen 1

Step 3: Check Remove Windows 7 or later version and click Continue

Screen 2

Step 4: If you haven’t backed up your files on Windows partition. Please do it. Because continuing on this step would completely remove all the files on the windows partition and cannot be recovered.

Click Restore to continue the process.

Screen 3

Step 5: Restoration of Partition starts

Screen 4

Step 6: Done. The Windows partition is removed successfully.

Screen 5

You can check the disk size after quitting this application.




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