24 H in a D puzzle! Fun IQ bits

Solve this

24 H in a D.
Ans: 24 hours in a day.

1. 12 N in C
2. 2 E in F
3. 11 P in CT
4. 9 P in U
5. 19 C in CB
6. 24 F in M
7. 3600 S in H
8. 29 S in I
9. 5 O in W
10. 3 S in W


1. 12 Numbers in a Clock.

2. 2 Eyes in a Face.

3. 11 Players in a Cricket Team.

4. 9 Possibilities in Unnatural death. [9 Planets in Universe is wrong. 9 planets in Solar System makes sense if we include Pluto]

5. 19 Coins in a Carrom Board.

6. 24 Frames in a Movie.

7. 3600 Seconds in an Hour.

8. 29 States in India.

9. 5 Oceans in the World.

10. 3 Stumps in Wicket/ 3 States of Water.

The question looks silly but I really liked these. It’s been spreading over the WhatsApp as a forward message, and I loved solving it. Good to relate simple facts with just codes.





  1. Answer for the 10th puzzle ie, 3 S in W should be 3 States of Water ( namely Solid, liquid and gas or Vapour ) because there are 4 seasons namely, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

  2. what about this one.
    7 c in a R
    5 L from A ate V
    9 P in SS
    24 S in an IF
    3 W in a T
    13 L in a BD
    19 C in a CB
    12 N in a C
    29 D in F in L Y
    90 D in R A

    1. 7 Colors in a Rainbow,
      5 Letters from Alphabets are Vowels (are not ate),
      9 Planets in Solar System (this should be 8 P in SS because pluto is no more considered),
      24 Spokes in an Indian Flag,
      3 Wheels in a Tricycle,
      13 Loaves in a Baker’s Dozen,
      19 Coins in a Carrom Board,
      12 Numbers in a Clock,
      29 Days in February in a Leap Year
      90 Degrees in Right Angle

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