Failed to instantiate the default view controller ?

One might run into this error when you delete your default View Controller (which has been automatically created by Xcode when you create a project) and create your own View Controller with new settings.

The following is complete error:

2016-02-03 15:31:24.954 VintageStore[8141:1258879] Failed to instantiate the default view controller for UIMainStoryboardFile 'Main' - perhaps the designated entry point is not set?
Message from debugger: Terminated due to signal 15

This error has a very simple fix:

Select the ViewController Scene. Now, select the inspector panel from the sidebar options. Check the “Is Initial View Controller” attribute option, save the project and build the project again.





Siri’s obsession for the upcoming Apple Watch – Easter Eggs

Now-a-days, the technology companies are planting interesting easter eggs in their software applications, like the recent 007 James Bond submarine car mode in Tesla was really amazing. Apple has planted some in their personal virtual assistant AI Siri. With the date for pre-ordering the most awaited Apple Watch just around the corner, Apple has planted some easter eggs to show the Siri’s obsession for the Apple Watch. If you trigger Siri and ask “What are you doing?” you will get several interesting answers. Here are some of it’s witty answers in the following screen shots.





Try it for yourself and have fun. I loved it 🙂



How to download and install iOS 8 without deleting any of your data?

If you have tried downloading iOS 8 on your iPhone or iPad which is filled with applications, you might run into a problem. That’s because iOS 8 will prompt you saying that it needs 5 giga bytes of space to download and install the new OS. Though the size of the update is 987MB as shown on iPad and 1.5 GB on iTunes, you have to clear up the space to download and install.

So, how do you make 5 Gigabytes of space? Do you delete all your pictures, videos, or game apps? That is one way to do but I suggest not to do that. Because it’s crazyyy. There is other way around. Just connect your iPad/iPhone to your Mac/PC. Back up your device and then click on “Check for update” button in the iTunes and next when it shows iOS8 is available to download and install. Click on that and you are done.

Happy installing iOS 8 😀